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Get Involved with CAMHS Co-Production!

Welcome to our CAMHS Co-Production Page!

We hope to tell you a little about co-production, how you can get involved and what is happening in each group.


Are you a young person or a family member who wants to get involved with us here at CAMHS to improve our services?  If so, we would love to have you on board, please get in touch.  We take the views of young people really seriously and your experience and viewpoints really matter to us.

We value any amount of time that you are able to offer.

We couldn’t have created this website without the help we received from our fabulous young people and there are always more exciting projects around the corner.

Are you from Wolverhampton?

Then call 01902 444021 and ask for Eve Windsor

Are you from Sandwell?

Then call 0121 6126620 and ask for Beatrice Hughes

Are you from Dudley or Walsall?

Then call 01384 459044 and ask for Kirsty Moss

What is Co-Production?

Co-Production is simply put, working together as a collective group to make suggestions, decisions and action change – to make a positive difference.

There are different stages of Co-Production, but we always try to aim to be towards the top of the ladder!

(Image derived from: Ladder of Participation, Arnstein, 1969)

Wolverhampton CAMHS Ambassadors

Who are we?

We are a small group of around 6-8 young people who have experienced what it is like to be in CAMHS.

We are between the ages of 11-25, so some of us have left CAMHS but stay in CAMHS Ambassadors to help make improvements, based on our experience of the service.

As a group we come together every 3 weeks on a Thursday between 4pm-6pm, we are very flexible so if you cannot attend meetings or need to leave part way through that is okay, we only ask you let us know in advance that you might not be able to join.

Our Aims and Values

The group’s key aim is to give young people who have been through CAMHS a voice, a voice which can stand up/ speak up and help make changes where they are needed. The people who work in CAMHS can often come up with ideas of what they feel needs changing however it is YOUR voice that matters as you have experienced this service and many of you have amazing and creative ideas that these clinicians would never think of.

We have certain rules for our group to ensure every member feels safe to be themselves, so that every member feels able to share when they are ready and share their views no matter if these differ from those of others.

What Impact Have We Made?

Over the years, the Wolverhampton CAMHS Ambassadors Group have:

  • Made changes to CAMHS branding
  • Represented Wolverhampton CAMHS at external events such as the Midlands Young Advisors annual conference ‘Let’s Get Mental’
  • Assisted in interview panels to recruit new members of CAMHS staff
  • Made improvements to the waiting area at The Gem Centre
  • Held regular polls to make sure the voices of other young people are heard
  • Co-designed leaflets for Wolverhampton CAMHS
  • Co-designed the CAMHS website
  • Held their own open event to advertise Wolverhampton Co-Production
  • Designed new lanyards for staff to promote inclusivity across CAMHS
  • Co-designed service pathways

What’s Next?

We continue to meet every three weeks, discussing new suggestions and working towards actions. We always welcome new members to help to drive and design change!

How can I get involved?

If you are a child or young person with experience of (or an interest) in Wolverhampton CAMHS – you can get involved with the Wolverhampton CAMHS Ambassadors by:

  1. Signing up to be a member! You can contact Eve Windsor on 01902 444021
  2. Giving us feedback! We understand not everyone can commit to attending meetings, but this shouldn’t stop your voice from being heard. We would love to hear any suggestions you have, and you can email us at




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