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Who are we?

At Sandwell CAMHS, we have 2 teams

  • CAMHS Team (5-18 core CAMHS Team)
  • CAMHS Crisis Intervention and Home Treatment Team (CIHTT)

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A bit about us

Sandwell CAMHS is a specialist mental health service commissioned to provide interventions to those children, young people and their families who are experiencing/most vulnerable to mental health problems and present with concerns that are severe and/or complex in nature.  We support young people aged between 5-18 years of age with a GP registered in the Sandwell area.

Within the service there are a range of staff, including community psychiatric nurses, family therapists, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, psychotherapists and a social worker. There are two community psychiatric nurses who work with Looked After Children and nursing and psychology staff who work with individuals with an intellectual (learning) disability. Having this range of staff from a variety of backgrounds and experience means we are more able to care for someone’s individual needs.

How do we help?

When an appropriate referral is received we will offer the young person a choice appointment. Choice is an opt-in screening assessment which provides the young person and family/carers to explore their mental health needs with a CAMHS clinician. At the end of this appointment it may be that a specialist mental health service is not appropriate and we can therefore discuss alternative options and support the referral process to such services where possible.

If it is felt CAMHS would be helpful we will discuss appropriate interventions and support with the young person and their family. In most cases young people are offered a period of core partnership work, which usually involves attending CAMHS for approximately six sessions of individual work with an appropriate clinician. Our work aims to promote the positive mental health of children and young people in Sandwell.

A variety of therapies are available which may include talking-based therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and creative therapy. Medication may also be appropriate and would be reviewed by one of the doctors in the team. Interventions will be offered based on presenting issues and where appropriate in line with guidelines set by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE). For example, family therapy is offered to Looked After Children (LAC) and individuals with an eating disorder.

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Sandwell Crisis Intervention & Home Treatment Team (CIHTT)

Who is our service for?

The Sandwell Crisis Intervention & Home Treatment Team aims to provide a timely service, able to respond both quickly and intensively to children, young people and their families and/or carers. The service is for Children and young people up to age 18 years.

This means that we offer specialist services to those children and young people whose mental health is having an impact on their daily functioning (usually due to risk and / or severity of mental illness) and who require urgent intervention to help support the child or young person when experiencing mental health crisis. We operate 7 days a week, 08:00-20:00 hours, 365 days a year. The overall aim of the team is to reduce the frequency of admissions into a Child and Adolescent Inpatient Unit, keeping children and young people at home with their families, where they are able to receive a specialist intensive CAMHS support.

Confidentiality- The team will keep your details about your care confidential but do have a duty to share information related to your care with the CAMHS or CAMHS crisis team working with you and with your GP practice. Sometimes it is also helpful to speak to and share information with others involved such as school, another health worker or a social worker and we will always ask for your consent before sharing information with other agencies outside the NHS, unless there is a concern of risk of harm to yourself or others.

  • Concerns or Complaints- We aim to offer a quality service always. If you do need to raise a concern or wish to make a complaint about the care or treatment you have received from our service then please speak to a member of the team, the CAMHS CIHTT Service Manager or contact or Service Experience Desk on 0800 587 7720 or email

How do we help?

The Crisis Intervention & Home Treatment Team responds to referrals received from Sandwell General Hospital and Birmingham City hospital offering mental health assessments to children and young people who have been admitted following an act of self-harm, or who are presenting with significant mental health concerns.  In addition the team offers Crisis Intervention & Home Treatment to children and young people who are already open to the CAMHS service but require an additional level of support. CIHTT also respond to urgent or emergency referrals from other professional agencies such as Police, local Authority, GP’s or other Education or Health services where there is a clearly identified concern regarding acute mental illness or a high level of risk.

Interventions are tailored to meet your specific needs and will be evidence based interventions and will be agreed with you following the initial assessment. At the initial assessment you will be able to speak to a CAMHS crisis clinician alone and with your family member/carer. At the end of the initial assessment, together we will agree a plan and talk about next steps. It may be necessary to arrange a further appointment to complete the assessment and consider the right pathway for you. After agreeing an initial plan of care with you which will include taking about any risks to you, we will give you a written copy of this which will be reviewed regularly. We will also send of copy of the agreed plan to your GP and the person who referred you to our service. Part of the initial assessment will be considering if a referral to another team or service is the most helpful for you at this time, or to discuss what is available across the whole of CAMHS which includes emotional health/wellbeing and mental health pathways.

Who can refer into our service?

Crisis Intervention & Home Treatment Team accepts referrals from all professional agencies but is not able to take self-referral from families at present. Speak to your GP, teacher or other health worker or social worker about a referral to us. Referrals can be made through the CAMHS Single Point of Access between 09:00-17:00 hours on 01216126620 or between 17:00 – 20:00 hours on 07816075218.

What happens in an emergency?

If your child’s life or the life of another child is in immediate risk or danger call 999.

If it’s not a 999 emergency you can call 111.

If the emergency is related to a young person’s mental health then the CAMHS Crisis team can be contacted 08:00-20:00 hours on 07816075218.

Black Country Healthcare Foundation Trust offer a 247 mental health telephone support line where children, young people and families/carers can access advice and support from a CAMHS healthcare professional.  This can be accessed by calling 0800 008 6516

If you are worried about your child’s mental health, please seek advice from your GP or call the 247 mental health telephone support line. If you child has a known CAMHS worker, please contact them also.

What about carers and families?

The CAMHS Crisis and Home Treatment team works with the family as a whole and will also provide support to families/carers. Once you are working with a team within CAMHS we can also signpost or refer you to the Trust Carers Service.

How do you reach us?

We operate 7 days a week, 8am to 8pm, 365 days a year. Sandwell Crisis Intervention & Home Treatment Team can be accessed through CAMHS Lodge Road between Monday –Friday 09:00-17:00 on 0121 612 6620 or between 08:00-09:00 and 17:00-20:00 hours Monday-Friday, weekends and Bank holidays 08:00-20:00 on 07816075218.


48 Lodge Road

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Tel: 0121-612-6620

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