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Fun Facts About the Team!

So, it turns out that the people that work in CAMHS are real life humans.  We know that we ask lots of questions about you when you come to see us so we thought it would be fun to share some interesting facts about the people in the team #truestories

Someone in the CAMHS team…

  • Loves backpacking and travelling, and their best memory is camping in the Amazon Jungle for three days
  • Used to be a competitive swimmer
  • Used to love to hug sheep as a 10 year old (they’ve grown out of it now apparently)
  • Did some voluntary mental health work in Sri Lanka
  • Did the local colour run to raise money for the Air Ambulance
  • Trekked across the arctic for a week with a team of huskies for Battersea Dogs’ Home
  • Jumped out of a plane (with a parachute!) with other CAMHS peeps for Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Walked across London in their bra for the charity London Moonwalk
  • Enjoys running hilly marathons
  • Can play the bodhran (an Irish drum)
  • Worked at Disneyworld in Florida
  • Used to have a bright pink Mohawk and was the lead singer/shouter in a punk band
  • Used to sing in a group of 4 and recorded a CD
  • Hates avocados since being given one in a milkshake in Brazil

A Bit of Fun

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