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What is it?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a behavioural disorder which often becomes obvious in early childhood. The main symptoms of ADHD are poor attention, being hyper or always “on the go” and being impulsive (doing things without thinking). Often children and young people with ADHD struggle to get started with their school work, they can be easily distracted and find it hard to sit in the same place.

Many children, especially under-fives, are inattentive and restless. This does not necessarily mean they have ADHD. The inattention or hyperactivity becomes a problem when they are exaggerated, compared with other children of the same age. ADHD can have a big impact on a child or young persons’ school, social and family life.

What might help?

  • Reducing Over-Activity and Fatigue. It may be helpful to build rest-breaks into activities, such as doing some brief physical exercise.
  • Having a good structure. You may find having a fixed routine helpful, particularly at school. This can include classroom activities that are organised and predictable. It’s also good for parents/carers and school to have good communication.
  • Doing things that you are good at. It’s really important to do activities that you enjoy and gain a sense of achievement from. This will also help to enhance self-esteem. It’s good for parents/carers to also notice strengths and offer praise.
  • Seek professional help. If you have not got a diagnosis already but feel you may have ADHD, it may be worth you and parents/carers speaking with the GP about a referral for a specialist assessment. If you already have a diagnosis, you benefit from talking therapies that can help with ADHD symptoms.
  • Medication may be helpful. Stimulant medication is prescribed for some children and young people with a diagnosis of ADHD. It can help in addition to other treatments.

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Top Apps:

  • Calendar Apps and reminder/alarm apps can be helpful
  • Flynn ADHD – information regarding medication

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