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Getting Support

Getting Support

‘Support’ is a word that is used a lot in health services, it is a really important term used to describe the type of help you receive from people in trying to overcome something or achieve something.  Support may come in informal ways or formal ways (see below).  It is up to you to decide on the most helpful blend of support for you as it is a very individual thing.  Most people find that formal support lasts a little while, usually when things are uncertain or get tough, whereas informal support is useful, before, during, afterwards and throughout.

Informal Support

These are networks that you probably already in your life.  They are groups and individuals that you find helpful e.g., friends and family members that you talk to and help you to feel better about things.  Other forms of support these days come in the form of social media e.g. Facebook groups and forums.  These can be really important methods of helping us to cope with things, a space to offload, to realise that we are not the only ones experiencing certain types of difficulties and even gaining advice and ideas.

Formal Support

This type of support is usually organised for you by a professional such as a teacher or a GP.  This is because it requires a ‘referral’, this means you are being directed to a person or service that might have the specific skills or knowledge to help you. Click here to find out how to access CAMHS support.



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