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Keeping Safe Online

Keeping Safe Online

The Internet can be a really useful way of finding out new things and a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family. However, the internet does carry some risks so it’s really important to be aware of them so you can stay safe when online. If we are aware of these risks, we can take the appropriate steps to staying safe.

Some of the things that might help everyone to stay safe online:

  • Keeping passwords to yourself and never posting any personal information where other people might get hold of it
  • Making sure that you know the people you are in contact with
  • Never arrange to meet with someone off the internet that you don’t know
  • If you do see anything that makes you feel uncomfortable close the website immediately
  • Telling an adult if you have seen anything that makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Making sure that privacy settings on social media are at the highest level, to ensure that only people you know have access to your profiles
  • Thinking before you post anything and remembering that once it is shared on the internet, it might not stay private

Being aware of the risks online is the first step to staying safe, so the links below might tell you some more information:

Staying Safe Online – BBC Newsround

Homepage – UK Safer Internet Centre

Remember, staying safe doesn’t have to mean not using the internet anymore. It can be used for all sorts of different things safely. Just by remembering these key tips will help everyone to enjoy it safely!

Healthy Screen Time

There is lots of helpful advice and guidance available online to help families manage the balance of healthy screen time for children and young people.

It is important to try and get the right balance – the amount of time spent watching TV or playing on tablets/gaming platforms, and when screen time is available (for example, screen time late at night can impact on the ability to go to sleep and maintain good sleep).

We have found the following guides, which you may wish to read to help your family get the right balance, and to understand the recommended screen time for children and young people per day.

Screen time for babies and toddlers: the evidence | Baby & toddler articles & support | NCT

What is the Recommended Screen Time for Children? – Answered – Twinkl Teaching



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