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Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

What is it?

A learning disability affects the way a person learns new things in any area of life, not just at school. Difficulties could include finding it hard to learn new information, learning new skills and doing things independently. A learning disability can be mild, moderate or severe.

Often, children and young people with a learning disability find it hard to express themselves and need extra support to help them to communicate their needs. Some individuals with a severe learning disability may not be able to communicate at all, need help dressing, feeding and going to the toilet.

What might help?

  • Having a good daily routine: Knowing what is happening each day and in which order can be helpful, including using picture timetables.
  • Using a behaviour diary: Recording behaviours, including what happened before, during and afterwards as a way of helping you as a family understand triggers.
  • Using praise and rewards: This can really help to reinforce positive behaviours.
  • Keeping things simple: Break tasks down into small, step by step instructions
  • Seek professional help: If things are becoming really difficult, it may be worth talking with your GP about different options for further support, possibly with the Learning Disability Team.

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