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My CAMHS Journey

My CAMHS Journey

Recovery story

“Aged 13 I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, OCD and an anxiety disorder. I had several hospital admissions over three years. My Psychologist really helped me during my rough times and she still helps me lots now. I know I can talk to Wolverhampton CAMHS and they will always help. When you go to CAMHS it’s easy to be yourself as they understand you and accept you for you. As well, when I was in hospital you could be yourself. CAMHS always tried their best to help me, I’ve seen my Psychologist for 3 years now and we’ve got a really good relationship. As well, I’ve see 3 Psychiatrists who have all really helped me when I see them.

CAMHS have taught me to be myself with friends too and since I’ve been myself in front of friends I’ve made a lot more too. CAMHS taught me to not mask myself and just be me. My anxiety and OCD is a lot better now since I did Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with my Psychologist. It’s taught me to rationalise my anxieties and see them through a rational point of view. I haven’t been ill for over a year now, so thank you CAMHS for really helping me.”



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