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Toilet Training (Age 3-18)

Toilet Training

What Is It?

Toilet training is supporting children and young people with or without a learning disability to achieve continence. Achieving this skill is important for our mental and physical wellbeing. Children and young people with a learning disability can find toilet training very difficult and may need additional help with this.

What Might Help?

  • Are you ready and your child ready? Choose a time when you are ready, make it fun with games and songs. Getting the right equipment is also important.
  • Build Associations: putting potty in places they might like to go for a wee or poo, changing the child’s nappy in the bathroom encourage your child to empty the contents of the nappy into the toilet and flush.
  • Monitor: Recording times your child goes for wee or a poo to identify patterns or if there are no obvious patterns encourage regular potty/toilet times e.g. every hour and 20-30 minutes after meal times.
  • Keeping things fun and using praise and rewards: Give lots of praise and consider stickers, treats etc.
  • Seek professional help: If there appears to be no progress, seek advice from your health visitor or Community learning disability team if necessary

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  • Toilet Training for children

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