Wolverhampton: 01902 444021
Sandwell: 0121 6126620
Walsall: 01922 607400
Dudley: 01384 324689
BCHFT 24/7 Mental Health Telephone Support Line: 0800 008 6516
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How to refer/get help (Walsall)

Walsall CAMHS

Walsall CAMHS is a specialist mental health service commissioned to provide interventions to those children, young people and their families who are experiencing moderate to severe mental health difficulties.  We currently support young people up to the age of 18 with a GP registered in the Walsall area.

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Referral Process

When an appropriate referral is received we will offer the young person an initial assessment appointment which provides the young person and family/carers to explore their mental health needs with a CAMHS clinician. At the end of this appointment it may be that a specialist mental health service is not appropriate and we can therefore discuss alternative options and support the referral process to such services where possible. If it is felt CAMHS would be helpful we will discuss appropriate interventions and support with the young person and their family. In cases that are deemed appropriate for therapeutic intervention, young people are allocated a clinician and regular appointments to undertake this. Our work aims to promote the positive mental health of children and young people in Walsall.

Referral Criteria

Specialist Mental Health Services (Getting More Help)

Across the Black Country, specialist mental health services are provided by Sandwell, Wolverhampton, Dudley and Walsall Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)

The service provides specialist assessment and treatment for children and young people who have severe, complex and enduring emotional / behavioural / mental health difficulties


  • Referrals will be accepted for children and young people who are registered with a Black Country GP up until their 18th birthday.
  • It is an essential requirement that consideration has been given to the young person accessing Getting Advice/Signposting and Getting Help services before a referral is accepted into CAMHS.


The following general categories describe the children and young people who will be accepted for assessment and treatment, where their difficulties are leading to significant functional impairment:

•           Anxiety

•           Depression

•           Emotional and behavioural disorders

•           Conduct disorder and oppositional defiant disorder

•           Psychotic Disorder in young people under the age of 14

•           Suicidal ideation

•           Moderate to severe Deliberate Self Harm

•           Obsessive-compulsive disorder

•           Neurodevelopmental conditions (where there are co-morbid mental health needs)

•           Post-traumatic stress disorders

•           Complex Bereavement (where there are mental health difficulties)

•           Somatising disorders

•           Presentations that could be described as emerging personality disorder will probably be accepted under mood disorder, suicidal ideation and self-harm.


If there is evidence of comorbidity with a significant mental health condition (as detailed above), we also offer support for children with moderate to severe learning disabilities. Referrals to this service are via CAMHS SPA.


The service offers specialist consultation, assessment and treatment for children and young people in care who present with severe, complex and enduring mental health needs (as detailed above). Referrals for this population should be initiated by the social worker with an accompanying ‘additional information’ form. Children and young people in care should be seen in the area in which they reside, dependent on commissioning arrangements for specific services.


Referrals for suspected eating disorders should be made directly to the All Age Eating Disorder Service.


Young people over the age of 14 who are presenting with psychotic disorders should be referred directly to the Early Intervention Psychosis Service.

Referral Forms

Contact Details



Abbotts Street




Tel: 01922 607400

Service Manager/Clinical Lead: Emma Fletcher- Lee

You can access a digital tour of our Walsall CAMHS base (Canalside) here:


What to do in an emergency?

If your child’s life or the life of another child is in immediate risk or
danger call 999.

If it’s not a 999 emergency you can call 111.

If the emergency is related to a young person’s mental health then CAMHS can be contacted 01922 607 400 (9am-5pm) 

Black Country Healthcare Foundation Trust offer a 24/7 mental health
telephone support line where children, young people and families/carers can access advice and support from a CAMHS healthcare professional.  This can
be accessed by calling 0800 008 6516


Useful Resources and Help lines:

BCHFT 24/7 Mental health telephone support 0800 0086516

Young Minds: 02073 368 445 or

  Samaritans: 08457 909 090 or

MIND Information Line: 08457 660 163 (self-help books are also available)

 Youth Access: 02087 729 900

BEAT: 08088010677 or

SHOUT: Text Shout to 85258

Papyrus/HOPELINEUK: 0800 068 4141

Autism West Midlands: 0121 450 7575 or

ChildLine: Tel: 0800 11 11



House on the Corner:

WPH Counselling:

School Nursing: School Nursing – Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

WYSA Walsall Free Premium Access Code BCWA2023



Walsall CAMHS would love to hear your feedback!

We would like to hear about your recent experience of our services. To access an online feedback form please scan the QR code (below) via your mobile phone. If you would prefer to speak to someone about your experience, or receive a paper form to complete, please get in touch with our Service Experience Desk on 0800 587 7720 or email


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